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I didn't damage my spinal column," Dollar told the magazine
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They were toward the back of the caves and were first discovered in a 10x8 wooden shipping crate with car seats and blankets, miscellaneous trash and thin wires
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The Tooting constituency he represented since 2005 is where he's lived all his life.
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He came in at a very young age and has already surpassed the number of caps won by Bobby Charlton, and he could easily play for two or three more seasons
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In Game 2, Toronto RHP Marcus Stroman will make his season debut after having surgery to repair a torn ACL in his left knee in March
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The next film from STX will be "The Secret in Their Eyes," a thriller starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts, set for November release
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We're losing too many precious lives for the future."
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Confidenti@l reported this week that the duo just couldn’t get on the same page when it came to having kids — Westfeldt wanted them, but Hamm liked the status quo, insiders said
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About a thousand people over the age of 65 on Tuesday took part in the sports event in Tel Aviv, which included categories such as swimming, weight-lifting, shot put and running
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Schramm bought this house in 1968 with her husband and another couple
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Her disappearance indicates yet more churn."
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But the move would be in line with increased global sourcingof aerospace parts and supplies
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Said Federer of Djokovic, “He’s had a tremendous year
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"Joakim is a solid, 200-foot player who can kill penalties
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Some of the department's police officers have complained that the Charger has less room than its competitors
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You can't learn German, there's no internet
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They're the values that the young people in this election really want to hear, and that's why he's won substantially
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That approach has to be taken further,"Dijsselbloem told reporters ahead of a meeting of euro zonefinance ministers in Luxembourg.
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I feel like preseason prepared me well for this.”
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We value your privacy and we will never sell or distribute your email or personal data to third party advertisers.
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I still have the same mentality
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"His opposition to austerity is the thing for me
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The person also must be deemed mentally competent by a mental health professional.
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The Mets, in the midst of their most important month in seven years, cannot afford to lose such a vital member
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The Dow was up 2.1 percent for the week, itsbest weekly percentage increase since late March.
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Just being relentless, flying to the ball, and knocking the ball out."
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“The government would be very engaged in trying to understand that business case,” said the official, offering the Defense Department's first public comments on the bid
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The Daily News has some of the most memorable photos in sports history
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“At the end of his career if he wants to roll as a commentator, I can’t think of any boxing fan who wouldn’t want to tune in just to get his take on things,” Espinoza said
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“To this finish, we really feel it’s acceptable to increase our self-imposed moratorium on any vital acquisitions by way of the top of the 12 months.”
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The Mets pitching coach missed Thursday’s game after an accelerated heartbeat sent him from the clubhouse to the hospital, spooking the many pitchers who trust and adore him
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It makes your loved ones aliens and your everyday pointless; impossible
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Some callers have longstanding mental issues with long histories of psychiatric care," she said.
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“We’re only concerned with the left column, with the wins,” cornerback Antonio Cromartie said
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Those efforts have reached fruition in normalised relations with Cuba and now, in the twilight of his presidency, a nuclear agreement with the Iranians
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The person also must be deemed mentally competent by a mental health professional.
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The breaking down of borders has been good for the economy.
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The defence lawyers had all along argued that due process was not followed and that the people picked had nothing to do with the crime.
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It is expected that free GP visits for all under sixes will be introduced during the summer.
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"Before the revolution, I was a student in Homs University studying French in the Faculty of Literature
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2 Simon Halep, 6-1, 6-3 earlier — broke Williams’ powerful serve four times after dropping the first set.
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The results of the study, a summary of which was released by the Marine Corps this week, could factor into Pentagon deliberations about which roles, if any, should remain off-limits to women

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