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John Doyle, the former Coatbridge College principal, a member of his staff and five managers shared half of a 1.7 million severance pot between them when it wasmerged into another college.


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As per the news release, the company will continue to manufacture the aircraft at its facility located outside Seattle, but the completion work will be done at the new plant in China

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On the evening of 29 August, Ahmed Al Beyna, 13, had dinner as usual with his parents and his brother Mohammed

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Prof Berger said: "We are going to have to contemplate some very deep things about what it is to be human

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The digital rights battle comes as profit margins are thinning for many cable and satellite companies, which are trying to keep subscribers as programming costs rise

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By now he had gone through one ill-fated marriage, to fellow political activist Jane Chapman

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Judging from their accents and dialects, he reckoned that little more than 10 percent of them were Syrian

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While everything else went wrong, they kept going right.

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Also, Dodgers lost Friday so the Mets are just a 1/2-game back for home field for the first round.

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Yemen's warring factions will meet for peace talks inneighbouring Oman next week, the United Nations and Yemeniofficials said

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Tempers will fray and people will want to take a song in a different direction - we just have to let go of that once we leave the studio.

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Responding to the deaths, Minister for Asia Hugo Swire said: "I am deeply saddened that two British nationals have been killed and many others injured in a train accident in northern India

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I’m sure he might feel a touch of embarrassment after putting in a transfer request but now is the time to get on with the game

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She said the union was demanding $172 million in increased wages and benefits.

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United States captain John Miller was satisfied with his side’s position, adding: “Given our start I am pleased with where we are

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Before the war the economy of Bosnia Herzegovina was industrially diversified

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At one point, Marshall crashed (okay, maybe it was preordained) a segment he was not included in and took it over.

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The Mets’ magic number to clinch the division is now 14.

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However, when these two factors were assessed together, the risk was even greater.

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I don’t think this is one error in judgment

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He wants more public investment in infrastructure, higher taxes for corporations and wealth redistribution

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Bail was set at $50,000 apiece and they had to turn over their passports.

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Jihadists online repeatedly warned the weekly would pay forits mockery

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So you got to let it go.”

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La Manna - welcome to The Establishment When it of its decisions are under fire it regroups and flexes its oftentimes immoral muscle

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There will come a point here, this year, where people go: OK, we've had enough of this performance art.

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He gets in behind the defence and is pulling the trigger when Stones slid across and deflected it out

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"And publishers also benefit because they can use their ad spaces more effectively."

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A Swiss police officer accompanies migrants from Syria carrying their children, upon their arrival at the railway station in the northeastern Swiss town of Buchs September 1, 2015

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For the most part this informality sits quite naturally with a respect for dignified concert etiquette

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Carson has surged in recent polls by seizing on public frustration with the political establishment

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This abnormal release leads can cause weight loss by making the body break down proteins and fat.

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There was a low-budget, dated programme with a British accented voiceover on air, and they were talking about reggae

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(Unless you count Fortune’s inclusion of an extra member, entertainment queen Taylor Swift at No

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Previous elections in the ex-Soviet state, led by PresidentIlham Aliyev for the last 12 years, have been criticised byinternational observers.

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That means if we can get our own fracked gas, it's better to use that than importing gas that's been compressed at great energy cost somewhere else."

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The aim of the Saudi-led coalition is to oust Houthi rebels from the city

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On one hand, this may be surprising as U.S

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