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He’d lived his whole short life in Turkey, where his parents had been living in safety.

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Michael Rhodin, SVP of IBM Watson Group, said ultimate goal of the company, IBM, is to develop industry-specific and efficient cloud offerings that can match every sector's requirements

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Meanwhile, top-ranked Inbee Park, seeking a career Grand Slam, made four birdies but struggled on the back nine with three bogeys for a 70

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She tried to escape, pleading that she be allowed to run away because of the way her employers treated her.

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"Teachers will enjoy it because they will see things mirrored back at them

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In this incident it was the excessive force that's really the issue, because it was a nonviolent crime

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Here are two "robo"-written articles - the first, penned by a program called Wordsmith, created by US company Automated Insights.

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I just have to stay focused and go out and do what I do best and just win.”

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That's not going to make a major difference day-to-day, but it's nice to know where that extra weight is coming from

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The Versteeg trade for two minor leaguers and a future draft pick is the latest blow in a difficult offseason for Chicago, which also won the Stanley Cup in 2013

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During the debate Mr Marris told MPs: “The current law does not meet the needs of the terminally ill, does not meet the needs of their loved ones

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It must be assumed, as always, that some dumb owner will ignore that

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It's an honour to be a part of a growing chorus of voices to create action and make it real..

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Overall the amount of new housing being built is now 2.5 per cent below last year, according to the Office for National Statistics — the first decline since March 2013

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People are out of touch with the fact that women are equal partners in the field."

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"I thought USDA was supposed to give clarity," he said

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We won’t solve this by lambasting women for admiring the odd Poldark-shaped torso

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But once the conversation starts it’s very very good.”

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Wish I could be more helpful." There was no immediate response from Ham or Kostiw

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And what the police forces do in the City of New York to protect it.”

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But I feel that we’re all here for the same reason

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How the numbers lay is kind of irrelevant to everybody, especially those two who just want to win.

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“You go by how you feel and you go by what you believe in

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"It is important to note that FireEye did not seek to deny ERNW from disclosing the vulnerabilities themselves

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To allow it, euro zonecountries would have to change the ESM treaty

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Everything's going so quickly now, technology is changing so quickly

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With by far his shortest and worst outing among seven major-league starts, Severino did not give the Yankees (77-62) much of a chance

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“The franchise is sick of losing

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These rich arab states have hardly taken any refugees, even though, geographically speaking, they are located in the same region.

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When the girls sing happy birthday, her face is a picture of bewilderment and despair

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They added that allegations of excessive force would be investigated by internal affairs.

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However, this video provides knowledge to anyone with questions about lithium, not just service users," commented Amanda Fitzpatrick, head of pharmacy at St Patrick's.

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The job market is a competitive place and "regional manager" is no longer going to cut it

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The new $1.5 billion, 7.3-mile Orange Line connects downtown Portland with downtown Milwaukie through Southeast Portland

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