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I take one from Bowness across Lake Windermere, where gulls perch on every bobbing buoy, and I get off at Ambleside
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Family sources said that Ismail sustained minor injuries in the incident.
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He walked two, struck out two and needed 89 pitches to get through five innings.
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He's just cool, calm and collected
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For this Spring/Summer 2016 season show, FTL Moda is partnering with the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and Global Disability Inclusion to present more diversity on the show’s runway.
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However, as we understand dementia better, people are finding that, although there are challenges, it is nevertheless possible to live well with dementia.
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In May, the justice minister suggested the children of sanitation workers could never aspire to be judges.
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Spotand 1-month VIX futures are tracking each other and areboth higher than 2- and 3-month VIX futures , in arare inversion of the curve that points to sharp short-termgyrations.
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Federer moved into his first U.S
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Ringer, a spokesman for the city's Audubon Society.
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In 1998 France's top official on the island was assassinated.
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With an aging brand and competition for users and ad dollars growing by the day, it’s hard to imagine the Sunnyvale, CA company’s prospects changing in any material way.
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