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Last year’s highest-ranked woman, IBM chief Ginni Rometty, fell to No

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Physician-assisted suicide, which is legal in Washington state, Montana and Vermont, gained new impetus in the most populous U.S

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Now it is all about the timing of bringing him back, that is what Pulis will be concerned with.

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Hundreds of thousands of Muslim civilians have since fled to neighboring countries.

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We aren’t fairly there but.

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For example, if a woman is overweight or obese, this increases her risk of developing gestational diabetes.

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Andrés was born in Spain.

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You coach football, and you coach it to win

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And as Vinci did this, ignoring the screams and stomping from Williams, she just kept telling herself, “Try to enjoy, don’t think about Serena,” Vinci said

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So we need to get all the refugees out of Budapest as soon as possible, before 15th,” said a volunteer Mashaal Al-Hajri.

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Miller also said the EU might provide Kiev with $500 millionfor gas purchases of about 2 billion cubic metres (bcm) and thatthe trilateral meeting could take place next week

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Communist daily L'Humanite printeda picture of the last cover of Charlie Hebdo

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"It is also surrounded by a number of busy roads, including Whipps Cross Road

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The fantasy industry says it's already legal and has no interest in being regulated if it comes with a "gambling" label

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The now-18-year-old activist said she’d just passed her entrance exams to university, after taking some time off to study hard.

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In March 2015, the programme, using Bexsero vaccine, was announced.

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The idea is to create buzz and stand out in a crowded field

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He serves as a conduit between the team’s pitchers, manager and front office

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He’d also been barely making a mark in the polls.

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It will surely be the best MK VII GTI, though, but I doubt it will be one to keep forever.

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Both parties welcomed the news.

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So that's good for her to keep going for it and playing so well

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It also found that people who spent most of their time at home, or in fewer locations overall, were more likely to be depressed as well.

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On Thursday, CNN, the host of next week's second prime-time debate, announced that Perry did not make the cut for that one either.

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A 36-year-old woman today can expect half as many retired years in good health

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Retiree Madeline Barcelo swims at the beach with her granddaughter in Varadero, Cuba, August 26, 2015

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If I choose to run a business and use a person’s skills or labour for my benefit, then it is only right that I compensate that person sufficiently

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“It’s so hard to find that awesome content

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May the out-of-tune klaxons sound forever.

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In China and across the emerging markets the policy responseoptions in a widespread global downturn are not appetizing

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Hutchison, owned by Asia's richest man, Li Ka-shing, however is no stranger to tough regulatory demands

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It includes a whopping eight targeted ad libraries and, in addition to your phone's identifying information, it sends the advertisers audio from themicrophone as well

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Players say that it helps that Bowles played in the league himself; that he can see their perspective

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“We need to take start to take ownership back and look at things for what they really are, rather than what we’re being sold,” she said.

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Any indication Iran could become more self-sufficient will be closely watched by world powers, which reached a landmark deal with Tehran in July over its program

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The use of drones means that there will be no American or British soldiers coming back in coffins, so even if the attacks fail there will be no political price to pay domestically.

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Migrants are trekking from the southern Macedonian border near Gevgelija to the northern border with Serbia on their way to Western Europe

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