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Except that was the only appropriate topic on Friday afternoon — just a few minutes after unseeded Roberta Vinci defied huge betting odds to win the U.S

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The issue was promptly resolved and there were no further problems for the remainder of the game.”

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“There are LGBT youth across the world who are taking their lives at an alarming rate because of these messages from society that make them feel broken or less than

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So there’s something to be said for Berto’s athleticism and aggressiveness

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"We have our house in the country, we have two beautiful children and two adorable grandchildren, four dogs, and the best sunset from our front porch that you could ever imagine," Perry said Friday

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“I had an absolutely amazing time there, and I ran it into the ground.”

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The Armenian government has adopted "special measures" to help Syrian Armenians

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What went unsaid was Trump’s apparent desire to counter the American public’s perception that he knows and cares little about foreign policy.

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The crew finds the camera, looks at the video they managed to capture from the edge of space, and then uploads a cool video to youtube

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And yet,he could soonbe leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition

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More recently it has been challenged in some US school districts by parents who feel the story encourages drug use.

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This makes the market more liquid and cheaper for investors, which is useful for those wanting to build up several holdings as a way of containing risk.

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The vehicle is available in 8 colour shades and with the new over the top styling, Toyota is trying to position the Prius as more than a “green car”

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The Daily News has some of the most memorable photos in sports history

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Royals: RHP Yordano Ventura (10-8, 4.34 ERA) and RHP Johnny Cueto traded places in the rotation

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That unique story can be lost when smaller craft breweries are acquired by beer behemoths.

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A journalist was in the middle of asking White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest about the Iran nuclear deal when someone in the group accidentally triggered Siri

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The Tooting constituency he represented since 2005 is where he's lived all his life.

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He served as foreign minister at the start of the current government but was subsequently given responsibility of coordinating economic policy, including relations with the bailout lenders.

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Using King’s given name, it cites comments it says were made beginning in late 2014 that Johnson was “physically, emotionally and financially abusing Riley B

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And in some hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, rates of C-sections top 90%.

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We will kill any American citizen we capture

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Confidenti@l reported this week that the duo just couldn’t get on the same page when it came to having kids — Westfeldt wanted them, but Hamm liked the status quo, insiders said

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The perpetrators will know no peace

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"It went around a really sharp left bend, going too fast

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Once you've finished, Siri is able to recognize your voice, Apple says

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Scientists estimate that oceans have managed to absorb almost a quarter of all carbon dioxide generated by industrialization since the 1870’s

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His parents were both peace campaigners and his father was an electrical engineer while his mother taught maths.

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Jacob deGrom will be pushing later into a season than he ever has before

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Greg Barsh, a scientist who is involved in the study of the genetics of color variations at the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology, Alabama says that the Pinky is likely to be an albino

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As well as speaking to charities, community groups and religious leaders in the UK, Mr Haines also joined Barbara Henning, whose husband Alan was also publicly killed by IS, in meeting Pope Francis.

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Sanders’ campaign committee reported nearly $14 million from individual contributors through June, according to a July report filed with the FEC

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