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A good Samaritan stood over Bove to protect him as the dogs kept up their assault, even dragging him to the curb with their teeth.
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Dr Barrett said: "Our belief is - we have some preliminary evidence - that faster pickup of visual information is extremely important in sports like cricket
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Nevertheless, this is a big deal
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I played the game for myself and some people that wanted to take care of my family
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Nine of them live at this spacious mother-and-baby home run by the local Catholic Church
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But beneath that, Apple hasn't done anything to change the TV business model: it is still the familiar multi-channel TV, no cord-cutting or original content here.
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Vinci will be rewarded with a winnable final against fellow Italian Flavia Pennetta, who has won five of their nine meetings
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Delivered through the cloud, Watson is able to crunch the data as well as complex queries posed in natural language and recommends evidence-based options.
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Wavegardens are due to open to the public in the inland reaches of Dubai, the US and even wave-pounded Australia
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