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Breuer, originally from Detroit, has been living and traveling for the last few years and has taught his dog many tricks
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“In a big league CEO search, the viable candidates come through pretty quickly, then it is intense due diligence and all that other stuff.”
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It's too early to know if this one study might change current guidelines
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President Barack Obama is attempting to advance normalization as much as possible before his second and final term ends in January 2017.
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The United States has kept up a drone campaign against themilitants, although it evacuated the last of its military andintelligence personnel from Yemen in March
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The Daily News has some of the most memorable photos in sports history
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The Clarion Cycling Club was founded as a socialist venture in 1894
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“I really don’t,” he said
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Syria's four-year civil war has so far displaced almost eight million people, said Peter Salama of UNICEF, the U.N
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In Ireland, grass pollen is the most common cause
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Witnesses said law enforcement officers seemed to be waiting for the man to appear at the convenience store and moved in quickly, surrounding his white Chevrolet Tahoe with unmarked vehicles
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Going only by a pseudonym Samir Al-Mufti, for what he cites as security reasons, he told us how he came up with the idea
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Bowles, who joked about his lack of excitement during the week, didn’t think the moment would overwhelm him.
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The five-time Pro Bowler had topped 1,000 receiving yards for seven consecutive seasons before an injury-marred 2014 campaign
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Then, after Germany's reunification, she gave that up to found an organisation fighting racism in parts of former East Germany.
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Police departments can stop buying weapons from gun makers who fail to block the sale of assault rifles and semi-automatic pistols to the general public.
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A Kashmir trader is detained by police during a protest in Srinagar, September 7, 2015
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Kate Brown and other VIPs into downtown Portland
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Participants gather at Medusa Madness during the Burning Man 2015 "Carnival of Mirrors" arts and music festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, September 6, 2015
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In one of the most moving moments of his conversation with Colbert, Biden shared the following story about an exchange he had with son before he lost him to brain cancer:
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And in his last game at Yankee Stadium, Jeter delivered a walk-off single versus the Orioles, bringing the Bronx crowd to a roar as he had done so many times in the past
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Contact the church at 754-3881.
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“I think we all want to play for the coach and hope he keeps coaching here,” Manning told The News
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As per the news release, the company will continue to manufacture the aircraft at its facility located outside Seattle, but the completion work will be done at the new plant in China
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Prof Berger said: "We are going to have to contemplate some very deep things about what it is to be human
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It finally relinquished the title of “Evening Star” less than a month ago and disappeared from view before beginning to appear in the morning instead
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If I had any sort of resistance, I wonder what could have happened, and if, instead of having a bump and bruise, I could have broken bones, a concussion, or worse.
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“It is the Tourists’ Way,” sniffed Doreen Wallace in her 1940s study English Lakeland, “the arterial road of the Holiday-makers’ Paradise.”
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The average spend is 6.9%, according to the Panhellenic Medical Association.
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Responding to the deaths, Minister for Asia Hugo Swire said: "I am deeply saddened that two British nationals have been killed and many others injured in a train accident in northern India
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Pressel shares third place with Ko, two shots off the pace
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Participants are still arriving from all over the world for the sold-out festival to spend a week in the remote desert to experience art, music and the unique community that develops
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So while welcoming Osborne’s funding packages she argues that what’s needed, in tandem, is a revolution in societal perceptions of PND.
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Portfolio managers signaled their displeasure by votingagainst four directors who were running for re-election at thecompany's annual meeting in May
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The Mets’ magic number to clinch the division is now 14.
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I wrote that they seemed nice people, but that when, during the war, I could hear them praying through the wall, I felt uneasy.
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Police have said Blake was mistakenly identified by "a cooperating witness" as being involved in selling fraudulently purchased cellphones
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It’s a really far distance considering there’s hardly any roads over there
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The S&P 500 has had moves of at least 1percent in 11 sessions since Aug
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I am so delighted to get a point for Nigel and Great Britain and Ireland.”
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He’s on a Hall of Fame track.
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Liverpool have stuck with Brendan Rodgers despite a lot of changes and there is a lot of pressure on Van Gaal after the money United have spent on his watch.
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There will come a point here, this year, where people go: OK, we've had enough of this performance art.
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In the 1980s Michele heard it when the BBC issued an album of WW2 material.
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He gets in behind the defence and is pulling the trigger when Stones slid across and deflected it out
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The judge has 10 days to make the sentence public and after that we will appeal, probably before October,” he said to FNL
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