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Tepper told CNBC on Thursday he could not callhimself a bull on stocks for next year.
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Since the developers used a cost factor of 12 for the bcrypt hash, this made the process an extremely compute intensive task
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The Real PSL gave followers the chance to get their hands on the drink four days before the general population by posting a link and password to a page that text messaged followers a pass
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US researchers set out to assess any links between smartphone usage, geographical location (as measured by GPS tracking on the phone) and depression
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Ultimately, she joins the celebration on moon and seeks out her husband Kes
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It appears likely he will not play in the second game either.
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Then in 1948 my mother married a radio announcer who went on to become well-known on TV - the newsreader Robert Dougall.
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A finance ministry official said on Thursday that 95% of the domestic offering will be sold to individuals while all of the overseas portion will go to institutional investors.
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The fast way is drop thermo nuclear weapons over the polls,” Musk said to Colbert.”The slow way would be to release greenhouse gasses like we are doing on earth
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Gary Gibbons, director of the NIH's National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, which sponsored the study.
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Jerry Reese, the Giants’ GM, thinks the Giants can score at least 28 points per game this year — a number they hit only six times last season (they went 5-1 in those games)
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Around 470,000 people in Ireland are affected, including one in five children
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20 with former prime minister Alexis Tsipras seeking a stronger mandate to implement unpopular reforms needed to secure the 86 billion euros ($97 billion) rescue program.
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The job market is a competitive place and "regional manager" is no longer going to cut it
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(Reporting by Francesco Guarascio; Editing Jan Strupczewski)
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District officials had said they were waiting for the teachers to agree to return to the bargaining table
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For the prosecutor, time is immaterial
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Many neighboring regions are eyeing the oil & gas deposits, mineral deposits and shipping routes like the Northwest Passage.
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“We were terrified,” exclaimed one resident
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The first "Paper Pot Restaurant," located in a creative industrial park in Shanghai, has caught public attention
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Fans stood outside the New York store waiting for the celebrity — who has attended shows during Fashion Week — and cheered once he arrived
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The IEA does not provide a forecast for oil prices
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I’m not mincing words here,” he said after being asked if Frascatore’s account was false
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Jeremy Peace has taken the brunt of the criticism but Pulis has been able to stay out of it for the most part and that was a clever move.
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Starbuckswhere the court held that the theft of a laptop containing employees’ personally identifiable information sufficed to confer Article III standing on plaintiffs.
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The beauty of something that tracks the sun, though, is regardless of how efficient you get the [planar panels’] material, you still have these effective losses as sun moves
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The popular networking site for nurses attracted the attention of advertisers
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Helen Moore said: "Our thoughts must be with Pete's wellbeing, the band, his family, his friends"; while Ben Holland wrote: "Absolutely gutted
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Only one line eventually survived to give rise to us," he told BBC News.
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If aliens told us something about how to handle our climate, or artificial intelligence, we might want to listen."
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A man throws a rope to Syrian refugees swimming towards a beach after abandoning a dinghy with a broken engine on the Greek island of Lesbos, September 9, 2015
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As I told the Commissioner, I am determined to use my voice to turn this unfortunate incident into a catalyst for change in the relationship between the police and the public they serve
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This information is not used by us for any other type of audience recording or monitoring.
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When he lost his balance, falling backwards, he allegedly continued to pee upwards in the air, consequently spraying other people around him
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The results showed that 11 of the 16 electronic cigarettes users had taken up traditional smoking.
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He was hampered by an arm injury the following year, but notched 40-plus points in each of the next two seasons
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Sometime she would cry under a blanket
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At this point, analysts are unable to attribute the rise in cannabis use for adults to the legalization regimes in some states
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Retiree Madeline Barcelo swims at the beach with her granddaughter in Varadero, Cuba, August 26, 2015
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When Vinci's news conference ended, those reporters thrust their match tickets on the table in front of her and asked for autographs
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All this raises the question whether an effort should be made to find climbers who went missing and whose bodies were never found
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The flame-throwing Texan threw his last pitch in Game 3 of the 2007 ALDS.
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I have asked for their forgiveness in the hope that my comments do not damage relationships between the many communities of the West Midlands."
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military and spy satellites, in early August, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters on Tuesday.
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Every Dufour in the intervening generations has run the same Paris law firm.
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The bank is expected to keep its record low interest rate and GBP 375 billion quantitative easing unchanged at the meeting.
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